Inflatable Designs, a division of JB-inflatables, is presenting you the future of advertising inflatables: awesome 3D technology that gives you in full control over the outcome!

So why use our inflatable design tool? It’s really a no brainer!

  • You’ll easily create your own advertising inflatable! Exactly how you want it. No more going back and forth with sales reps or designers discussing your wishes.
  • You’ll get your quote in minutes, not days, or weeks. No more waiting on designers or sales reps.
  • You’ll get the best ever 3D design, guaranteed! As a bonus you’ll even get a 360° video with every design!

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Here’s how to create your customized inflatable in 5 simple steps;


1) Select the model

Choose the inflatable structure that suits your needs. Of course you can come back later to try different models and shapes if you’re not certain which one you like best.

step 1

2) Add color

Select a color in the ‘colorpicker’ on the left and click on the part of the inflatable you want to color. You could choose to first give the entire inflatable a base color by clicking “color the entire inflatable” before you color individual segments of the inflatable.

step 2

3) Add logo

Select a spot on the inflatable by clicking on the “+” symbol. Upload the logo from your computer and it will show on the inflatable within seconds.

step 3

4) Add website

You can add a text or your website on a pre-selected spot on the inflatable. Just start typing your website in the text field on the left of the screen and it will appear in real-time.

step 5

5) Fill out form

After you’ve provided your contact information you will receive a FREE quote as well as the beautiful design per email. This email will contain all information you need about the customized inflatable including footage.

step 7

6) Ready

Congratulations! You have now completed the creation of your own and unique custom inflatable. The email you will receive in the next 5 minutes will show a price, lead time and a link to the 360° video of your design. Don’t be shy and proudly show this awesome design to your boss, colleagues or family. You can edit your creation by simply clicking on the link and repeating the steps described above.



Of course, if you have any questions or trouble using this amazing 3D design tool, you can always contact us per phone at +44 (0)203 695 89 07 or per email at info@inflatable-designs.com

In case the shape or model you want isn’t available in our design-tool, don’t panic! We can still manufacture almost any possible inflatable you can think of. 
Just give us a call so we can create a design and a quote for you the old fashioned way, so with actual sales reps and human designers. 
It is a little bit more hassle, but if that’s what provides you with what you need, we are more than happy to do it.